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I'm new to honda shadows and riding really just bought one 3 days ago so I'm open to suggestions comments or any advice you guys may have

  • Keep the rubber on the road and wind in the face. Good luck!

  • Only started riding last month and only real thing I've learned is give yourself space and practice downshifting smoothly. Had a guy at 75mph 15ft off my ass getting off the freeway. Have fun bud!

  • Gorgeous ride you have brother, you'll definitely enjoy the comfort level.

  • Welcome.

    Ride like nobody can see you, because they often won't.

    Know your limits.

    Always ride well below your limit so you have room for errors and for the unexpected.

    Have fun.

  • Thanks man!!! Lol

  • DAMM And thanks

  • Well they say I'm a little tall for it being 6-3 and about 250 but I'm going to get some extended controls and rotate the handlebars up a little bit

  • Thanks for the advice man I'll take it to heart

  • Anytime! And have fun. I just bought first first bike a 95 Honda shadow ace 1100. Warm gloves are a winner when it's 35 degrees put here

  • Forward controls yes! If it's an 1100 chassis you'll be fine. I'm 6ft and 200 and have no problems.

  • It's a 750 aero

  • Wow, looking at it I would have guessed bigger. You'll still be fine, just take your time, get used to it and ride with pride!

  • I bought aero 750 last month. It is wonderfull bike to ride. It is easy to learn and it is very forgiving whatever you do. Enjoy.

  • Learn what it is and how to counter steer. For most it comes natural. It can keep you alive.

  • Yeah I'm taking a riding course so hopefully they'll get me used to cornering and then I can just practice in the neighborhood at the slow pace until I'm comfortable

  • Yeah mine's a 04 bought it from a co-worker who was tired of it it's a beautiful bike

  • I searched for mine since here in Montenegro there is no so many chopper bikes, only scooters and fast machines :) U will love it...

  • Yeah that's what everybody tells me can't wait to ride it

  • It's set for about five years it was in the garage heated and covered but I think the carbs bad it also needs battery I already changed all of the fluids so she'll be ready by Spring

  • Watch YouTube. Lots of great videos for beginning riders. There's a lot of info that you would never think of, at least I didn't :)

    And like others have said, give yourself plenty of room and don't let pride get the best of you when a car does something stupid. Let them be stupid and keep your distance.

    And welcome to the page!

  • Make sure to save your completion card! Saved me 5% on my insurance. Only paying 275 for a year

  • Don't wreck... lol. But really, ride like no one can see you. Always be prepared for the 3 S's- stop/swerve/shoot someone

  • LOL cool thanks man

  • I picked up a 2000 shadow ace deluxe 750 with only 4800 miles on it this past fall. It sat in a garage only being started maybe once a month. It sat for a few years. It was running a little rough so I filled it with premium and put some seafoam in the fuel tank and it runs great now.

  • I wish mine would even start then I would have tried those things but it won't so I had to drop the carb off and have it rebuilt smdh

  • Take u-turns WIDE.

  • Welcome from south jersey

  • And welcome to the group from Tallahassee Fl.

  • Damm nice ride

  • When going slow in parking lots keep friction on the rear tire or the bike will want to tip over. Don't be afraid to ride the rear brake. Watch twist of the wrist. It's on YouTube. Good tips.

  • Thanks man I'll check it out

  • Literally, in safety classes they say ride tracks in front of you I literally have no lane position I move where I want in my lane. Also check state laws I can ride with my hi beam on during daytime in WA. Really helps with semis

  • That is an interesting observation Tytus, I was out on my 09 two weeks ago for the first time (canadian weather is very unpredictable this time of year) anyways yeah it feels unstable at low speeds compared to other bikes I've owned. Any more tips you have would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks it's a 2014 750 spirit I think it's about the same as yours just different fenders I just started riding at 50! Love it ! Best advice I ever heard was never be in a hurry on your bike good luck and enjoy that bike!

  • Mine is a 09 Aero. They are very easy to pick back Hit some moss on top of soft ground, went side to side thought it was over and when I stopped it dropped. I learned that your back brake will keep you in the friction Zone to cheat when at low speeds.