Photos from Richard Pawpaw Vradenburgh's post


Off with the Memphis shades batwing and installed a full inner & outter: fiberglass batwing.... now for the stereo

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  • Andrew if you use the Memphis shades batwing the speedo is clearly visible

  • Yea but if I put on a fairing it has to have a radio lol

  • That's the advantage of the Aeros tank mounted speedo.

  • Aero 1100 doesn't have a tank mounted speedo. Only 750s

  • And headlight speedo is one reason I love this bikes look. Nice and hidden almost

  • I've thought about one of the just, personally undecided as to the looks at least on the shadows. I don't fault anyone forgetting them tough.

  • What brand did you use? What mounts did you use?

  • Its actually a fairing for a 2012 or newer H.D switchback..... it came with brackets and hardware and all I did was redrill and reshape a lil. To fit my bike

  • Where did you get the inner outer fairing, bike is very nice.

  • 181819617027 this eBay seller has lots of the full fairings