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So if any of you are thinking about ordering the Saddlemen GP-V1 seat, do it now. Best $200 I have spent on my bike bar none. It is an amazing seat and fit and finish is second to none. I ordered mine from Motorcycle Superstore and got it in a few days. The backseat cover was wrong so I called Saddlemen and asked them about models and fitments. The gentleman I talked to asked my make and model and stated that one would be custom made and sent out asap. Today I received a tracking order for the new cover as well as taking the seat on a 300 mile ride. Couldn't be happier.

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  • I've always liked that paint scheme.

  • Nice! I had planned on getting a custom Corbin seat, built to my specifications, but now I'm not so sure...this looks just as comfortable, but a few hundred bucks less expensive. Decisions, decisions...

  • I almost went with Corbin for the custom color options. I believe you can custom order a Saddlemen also. Saddlemen definitely has more of a firm "gel" feeling than any Corbin I have had. And not near as rock hard at least during break in.

  • Wtf! 200$ ??

  • Are you high, Asher? That's a VERY good price! The Corbin one I'm looking at is $300!!

  • Its my guess ur ass takes a lot of "punishment" thats why. How bout getting some pampers to go with ur 300$ seats?

  • Obviously, you haven't worked much on modern super sport's about $75 to change your own oil. $100 for spark plugs. $100 for a windscreen. Anywhere from $500 to $3500 for an exhaust system. $300 for a seat is just not crazy money.

  • Blah blah fuckn blah

  • $200 is the cheapest aftermarket seat there is. Look at parts much?

  • M guessing it still wont come with a fan then...


  • You must not get out much.

  • M guessing it still wont come with a fan then...


  • My Sargent Seat was $309. Great seat though. Worth the money!

  • Great... Just fuckn great...

    I wonder who's up next in this dick measuring contest

  • No point arguing with ignorance.

  • Exactly