• Photos from Rick Palma's post

    Came across a 2011 rancher at a good price. Under $4k, it's a 4x4 AT/EPS, independent rear suspension.

    It was rolled, some cracks in the rear plastic, and a slightly bent rear rack. Also looks to be something up with the plastic that covers the tank.

    The price seems so right for what it is, but I fear some structural issues, and not just cosmetic. If it were local, I'd just go check it out. But, it's a 6 hour round trip...not a ride I wanna take for something hat could turn into a basket case. Thoughts?

    Here are a couple pics:

    • When you roll then nothing ever fits right again...

    • I think for the same money you could get a bike that hasn't been wrecked. I know some bikes that have been wrecked like that and they are never the same. Breaking u joints ect..

    • Ya, I'd pass man

    • Yeah I agree. Im passing. Looks like it could be a mess.

    • Keep searching, One will come along. I found an 09 last year in really good condition for $1900.

    • Plastics not lining up just right more than likely just bent clips I would not hesitate on it if that's all that's wrong with it

    • I got a 420 same model 2010 with like 750 miles i think. My rear seal went out so my rearend leaked out and dryed and cracked the caseing on the rear diff. I have a brand new rear diff and 2 brand new rear axles coming in tomorrow then am selling it for a RZR. ONLY problem i have ever had out of it is that rear diff seal going out and leaking for some reason!!! If you want to text me you can and shoot me an offer. And ill send some pics.

    • I got a decked out 2011 with gear reduction lift tires snorkeles rims wheel spacers and not hardly a scratch on it for $4500

    • I got a 2 inch gorilla with hmf and 27s on msa wheels. Cones with stock exhaust

    • It's missing a axel in the rear