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So the way my bike is set up is that I turn the key on and as soon as I do that my headlights come on and my fog lights and the bottom of my radiator....under my seat is a toggle switch for the starter... I hit the switch and turn it off and sit back down...I have a tail light that stays on but when I hit the front or back brake it doesn't light up.... no front or rear turn signals... No horn... I hooked up an oem taillight directly to my battery and it lit up... I tried hooking it up with the wires off the bike and I get nothing...all fuses work. I am fairly new so when You leave advice kinda break it down Barney style for me lol

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  • I'm not sure how comfortable you are with 12v wiring and reading schematics. But Google your bike and wiring schematic. Sounds like you have some serious changes made somewhere. Where are you located?

  • Tampa Florida

  • Ok, so bringing it over won't work. Lol. See if you can find a schematic and start tracing wires. My guess is that someone cut something or something came loose somewhere. Once you find that, you should be good.

  • Is there something specific I should be lookin for? I started untaping wires already but idk what I'm looking for or how to tell if something is bad. I can hook up a car stereo harnesses and whatnot with no problems... I just need to know the basics I guess

  • That's why you need the schematic to know exactly which wires go where. I have a 98 ACE 750 that I put a school bus flasher in to work as a hazard light/taillight flasher. I was able to Google a schematic for mine and wired it in with no trouble. I'm not sure how hacked up yours is, but finding the schematic will give you a place to start and know how it's supposed to be.