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Anyone see this chopper? $300 in Indiana no title tml

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  • Have to be good value at that price?

    Finned stator cover would be half that

  • that was listed along time ago dude keeps relisting it

  • I love it

  • I wonder what triple tree that is. I love the rake on it. Not the super long forks but the rake would look good on a low slung hard tail bar hopper

  • I wrote to that guy a while back. He had it listed as a 75. Let him know they didnt make them in 75. Nice guy. Does not know much about it.

  • I thought it was unique with the finned cylinder head guard and carb intakes. Someone put some work in her. I have too many or I'd part her out considering no title.

  • you mean 300 dollar and what will be charged if you booked it for me to pakistan

  • I would pay $300 for the triple, the pipes and the front hub.

  • hahahaha

    i need that chopper here, is he selling