• Photos from Rob Cromack's post

    Tail tidy fitted... Plus the R&G plate light to make it less pull able thoughts?

    • Also if it was central it would be lighting up the (battery wel)

    • Why put one on? There is a thought

    • To make it less illegal?

    • Put it in the back in the trunk of the bike if they really want to see it show then f that

    • Aha no plate in England is really bad

    • Does that plate light do anything mate?

    • Yes mate it dose it's Job... I'll post a pick soon just for people to see

    • I live in Kentucky in the US oooffff A we don't like to deal with cops out here

    • License plate screws with white LEDs get around the problem of finding somewhere to fit the plate, and not having to worry about finding room for a bulkier light?

    • How did you wire those mate straight to the battery?

    • The R&G light works perfectly tbh... Improvisation I think the word is

    • No

    • I watched a video that gave me the idea, just tryna find the link

    • Youtube hotbodies undertail installation video, its a chick doing it, i cant seem to find it Tudor Toma