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    Tyre is now plugged

    • Lmao...I've had my wheels off working on my bike myself too...what a nightmare with the underbody exhaust and no proper stand

    • Like an MSX wrestling match

    • I have a rear stand. I could buy it for 10£ on eBay. And I am looking for a front stand or just the bits to convert the stand.

      I want to change both wheels.

      I wonder how you could make it. But it is not worth the effort IMHO. Because whatever the bike, a stand us reallu useful to adjust the chain or lube it. The MSX one needs to be adjusted often.

    • So u have a rear stand Jeef Yuus?

    • It's ball ache Tim '!!

    • Yeah I know!! I'm so used to just picking up my bikes and dropping them on a stand!! Hahaha I spent 30 minutes with the MSX just contemplating how I was gonna get the wheels off the ground! Hahaha

    • I just used 2 wine coolers from work.. That weren't tall enough!! And 2 bits or concrete slab

    • I need to buy some immediately as well!

    • It's just getting the right ones aswel... Because some are made for stock...And others are made for the bike with decent bobbins

    • Yes I have one. It is the most useful. But I need to change the front wheel. But because it is a one time operation, I might go to Oval centre, leatn how to change oil myself and remove the front wheel within 2 hours. But if you are anywhere near SE15, not next week but the one after, I don't mind borrowing my rear stand for free.

    • But I see in your profile that you are not a Londoner...

    • No mate I'm from Norwich :/