Photos from Rob Cromack's post

All done now even had the time to fit the rose joint aswel... No more rusty fairing brackets or rusted header pipe... Rose joint went on really easily but the old linkage part fuk was fuked as seen in one of the pictures... Also used rubber washers/bushes all round on the mid kit to stop it from breaking/cracking... Thanks Tudor Toma for sorting me out that rose joint aswel

  • Just needs a good wash now!! And the new pegs

  • Nice mate that linkage was rusted as hell

  • Was absolutely fudged split pin cam out rather easy then the other one was a fuker still only tock me about 10 minutes tho I just flashed a ton of WD40 on it

  • yeah my pin nearest the rear wheel was a huge pain in the ass as well

  • Yeah mate that was the same for me aswel!! I just used a flat head screwdriver and brute force