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Soo I tock a little look at the barrel this morning before work and noticed there's a hole in the rubber on the bottom of the barrel and Tudor is the anti theft screw the one in the second picture?

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  • Really not sure from those photos mate take the headlight off and look underneath the yoke you should see the two screws on the barrel

  • Okay mate safe will take a look on my break from work

  • Tudor Toma why do I do from here or Aaron Mortimer

  • Those things ?

  • Yes they are your problem. They may turn out by hand or you may need to get heavy on them. If they don't come out easy you will probably be better taking the yoke off. There's also two Philips head screws holding the lock to that bracket from the inside.

    You will want to tighten the Philips and add some loctite, and replace those shear bolts with some m6x16 (ish) and use loctite.

  • Yup tose

  • Those*

  • Cheers guys I'll take another look over the weekend ? Aaron Mortimer where do I find these other Philips heads screws ?

  • In your other pic

  • ?

  • I just fitted that bracket with the break of bolts, if they become lose take the top yoke off, undo them and replace with new break off bolts. The plus head screws that screw the ignition barrel onto the metal bracket that is held on to the yoke by the break off bolts are loose on my 1st msx but i CBA to stripe it down.

  • Is there any other sort of bolt I could use being these break off one seems stupid? I want something u can tighten up from underneath ? Or something you'll never need to tighten again

  • Well you could replace them for normal bolts, there break off so theives cant undo the metal plate that holds the barrel in place easily. Its normall the 2 plus heads screws that go loose and alow the barrel to move around

  • It may be something I'll have to look into

  • Any m6*16 will do.

  • These are probably also loose. Get some thread lock on them

  • Cheers Aaron mate... this all has to be done but taking the top yoke off yeah ? What spanners will I need for this

  • You might manage in situ but you may struggle. Think it's 32 for the big one? But be careful and use a proper socket and extension not a spanner as you'll only damage the plating