• Photos from Rob Sheriff's post

    Honda grom prix 1st round chilliwack bc canada ;)

    • How do I steal this and share it

    • Now we know for sure. Yellow ones are fastest.

    • Lol ;)

    • So wat tyres are u using?

    • we need to arrange one of these in the uk :) for the uk members!!!

    • Id b well up 4!!!!!!

      Connor Moreno i know 4 a fact u would b lol

    • We coming back to England to race next year !! so we going to put on a grom prix !!!!

    • Rob Sheriff update us when and where

    • Hi Steve we use mitres mc35. soft front , medium on the rear work great !!! Not sure on the road as the medium back is really soft !!! ;)

    • Will do ;) I'll keep putting up pics & videos of all the races here in canada , number 6 & 93 are my 14 year old & 12 year old boys !!! They love racing Groms crazy british kids lol !! ;)

    • How cool

    • Whats the race distance, and how many meets do you get out of a pair?

    • Happy days

      N yeah keep us updated!!!!

    • Cool! what are the rules? only 125cc allowed? no bbks?

    • Sweet bring my other grom along I'm sure I can strip everything off it

    • Is this BC only? Asked by a guy in Ontario ....

    • I'll find out ,at the moment in bc I believe but I will find out for u ;)

    • So we have a mixed class of thumper bikes then the grom prix which are just honda Groms ;)

    • Yeah but so the groms have to be 125 cc

    • Our race track is 1.2 km , we ride all week , on race day my son does several different classes on the grom , so I reckon if your careful you could get a season on the pair , we have run since January and we are on our second rear but that's coz he pushes it lol. Check out sheriff racing Facebook page ;)

    • Thats nt bad going then to be honest could be worth a try

    • Yes or race formula thumper if mod engine ,exhaust etc;)

    • Only fork oil and preload adjusters , sliders ,handle bars !!!! Fun fun fun !!!!!

    • Scotty Nelson