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    To all the lads an laddettes whom this may concern Today was a madness, but also f***ing brilliant! Thank you all for a great laugh! Glad everyone made it safely apart from a couple little incidents. And good on those that travelled a fair old distance to join us today! Hope everyone gets home safely and until next time keep gromming!!! Yours sincerely.. Hammer grom!

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Was a good day

    • Order a Hammer Grom hoodie...!!!

    • John Kinchella lived up to Kamikaze Grom today as well he should order one as well

    • Directions to the ordering station please Mr. Warren

    • me too please also what size should I get if I want to wear it over my gear I'm a L normally

    • Check out the Nutters page... Posted up details recently...

    • And just reposted link...