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I went to the bike workshop and there she was with her new shoes

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  • How big can you go on the rear tire?? And is it ok to do so?

  • What i have heard was 140 80 15

  • Kool

  • Looks like you went with Dunlop. ?

  • No you mean tyre brand?

  • The tyre brand is vee rubber

  • Just went and had mine balanced at the dealer. $96.00. For balancing only. I fell out in the floor. Never in my life have I paid that much to balance.

  • The balancing and mounting of the tyres costs me nothing

  • I have a 140/90 on mine

  • Thats ridulous.....

  • If I knew ahead of time how and what they was going to do. It would have been different.

  • I pay about £10 and my tyre gets changed when need a new 1 and then it gets ballanced anyway because of the new tyre

  • Good