• Photos from Robert Estrada's post

    Here's another question for you guys, maybe you guys and gals can help. Is this a challenger frame? Bought this thing and it came with a vintage can am dirt bike motor in it. Not sure what the frame is. Odyssey?

    • im not sure, but the square bottom frame reminds me of a FL250 odyssey frame.

    • Looks similar to my old sand rail frame. Had a Honda CB750 engine in it converted from a VW set-up

    • That's a s3 I think

    • I am saying no. Has some type of ody DNA though. Need pic of trans and that motor.

      Front end is not challenger. Challengers still used to custom wider j- arms.

    • It's a Frankenstein brother, so the trans and engine info will do us no good.

    • Only thing I can spot odyssey is the wheel. I thought maybe the rear frame was but odyssey do not have pop rivits like that.

      Make sure that front suspension works. That's a different set up for sure. How does the fabrication look quality wise.

      Still wondering about trans?

    • Nah I've got the engine figured out. It an 80's can an mx250 dirt bike motor.