Photos from Robert Turner's post


If you ever wanted to see exactly what is inside your mirror pictures blew, ignore broken parts this was done due to the idiot smashing up my ass

Now the fun starts designing this to try and make it better

%d comments
  • Convex mirror glass is what I would like to be able to purchase.

  • I do not have a problem with them, love the fact they fold out of the way when i park the bike.

  • They still will fold out the way and everything it's more the blind spots that's truely doing my head in, ok yes makes me do my life savers but around here the amount of idiots up my ass is driving my insane

  • Looking forward to seeing the results ?

  • Will take some time my 3D printed decided to brake slightly when moving so need replacement part so will just have to glue and tape it back on temp until I can get it sorted