Photos from Ryan Hawes's post


might take a gambles and see if this fits... :/ ive seen one like it and loads cheaper but not sure if the same... ideas?

%d comments
  • Oo racing? It says 28mm bore

  • Think msx is 40

  • How much is it?

  • the head end is only about 25mm if you've had it ported. The rest of the pipe wants to be about 27mm opening up to 47mm (ish) by the can. I've had a look at this myself, I think the main mods would be the thick end that goes into the head would need fettling to get the right angle, and also a new bracket making. Am tempted though.

  • Ranges front 50 to 99 on ooracing

  • really tempted myself.

  • Harry you need a msx

  • You need to give me yours

  • You can borrow it when you're old enough