Photos from Ryan Hawes's post

What shall I do next?!?

No BBK only visual

red boomerangs and rear sets on order next month

  • New seat with red stitching

  • Swingarm and a new shock

  • My belly pan brackets did after a day.... I was looking at these wheels Andrew Campbell they are quite possibly on the cards :) and im re covering my seat soon

  • Gary Murray its the MGP growler with G.P.R downpipe

  • Its hard to keep clean as I live on a road surrounded by a quarry

  • New discs would look nice, steel lines in red, could spray paint the callipers :)

  • Got to plan and see what colour I can get in things as dont wat to much of something

  • I think white and red wheels would be too much imo, maybe some rim tape if you are into that but a nice aluminium swingarm would make it look even better

  • Im going to order loads of vynle wrap and try the swing arm red and forks white but I still have to spray the speedo casing and under tray white then work out what colours go where.....was thinking on wheel red and one white but im not that far atm... my main bit is engine atm its too black haah