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New boots, and the bulbs hear... got busy weekend at work so might be Sunday night for fitting

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  • Confirms this Aaron

  • Ryan Hawes how much is it? plug and play?

  • Not sure what's confirmed? Did he do the mod? It's not working properly yet so nothing seems confirmed so far.

  • Doesn't project properly and no mod yet..

  • as I understand it, LEDs don't like AC current, and tend to burn out quite quickly. Best to take a DC feed from the reg-rec output.

  • My LED plate light burned out after a couple of days because the standard feed is AC, and I didn't change the feed.

  • The yellow wire thing? Would this make it work?

  • It should do. Do we have confirmation of whether the high beam feed is also AC or maybe it's DC and that's why high beam works?