Photos from Ryan Leonard's post

  • Thank you for your help if you have any problems please let me know

  • I will do sir

  • Mines been in for over a year with a lot of hard miles on it. No problems and I don't see how or why it would hurt your bottom end. My machine is an 07 with an unknown amount of miles on it (I would guess 15,000+) and I noticed the centrifugal is slipping after doing the top end. That's about all though.

  • Maybe all the people I talked to messed up putting theirs in or something but I really want it

  • Go for it

  • Some might drown the machine (excuse to do it) and didn't clean the bottom end good enough. Any grit mixed with the oil will do harm no matter what size the piston/cylinder is.

  • Well that would be my reason for doing it too but if I'm going to replace my top end I'm going to clean everything the way it should be done

  • That's the reasoning I used to do mine also. Riding through a silty creek and a stick knocked my crankcase breather tube off and I didn't know until it died. Removed the dipstick and turned the motor over until enough water/oil was removed and rode back to the truck. I had to ride it for 2 weeks before it started smoking (after flushing everything).

  • Man that sounds like some luck I would have but if mine ever starts smoking I think I'm going with that top end

  • Cabelas online for $48 and some cents shipped to the house