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G'day all the way from Australia

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  • Is that a VT400?

  • Mine is mate.

  • VT750. I am not meant to be riding it on my L's but i just sneakily ride it around to the shops and stuff lol. Gotta hurry up and get my opens! It was only $3500 so i couldnt pass it up

  • I saw a VT400 the other day and i couldnt believe how similar they look. Same size and everything. Hows yours go Max? Gets up to 100 no dramas?

  • Every Aussie is a good barbequer Shawn. Its in our DNA lol

  • Same everything apart bore I believe the 400 is smaller and sleeved. Goes very well, been on highways sits 110 km no problem very happy with it but we always want bigger hey, have put a few bling accesories on looks the part.

    I was going to get the 750 also but if a mishap insurance would wipe, but had it over 12 months now, wouldnt mind putting aftermarket pipes but expensive suckers, changed the air filter think runs better but maybe in my mind. Where are you based Ryan.

  • Mine is a 400 and it goes pretty good for its size. I'm going to be changing a couples of things in the next couple of weeks to it though :)

  • Yeah its a bit risky of me. I barely ride it though. I am in Nowra NSW so plenty of back country roads with no-one around to ride on :-) mines got Vance&Hines pipes on it. It sounds really nice. A bit loud at certain revs but i still love it

  • I'm putting a set on my bike asap plus a set of drag bars too

  • Yeah i would like some better bars. I really want some white walls but cant seem to find any