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Progress on the cx500c yehaaaa!!

  • I shared this on the and some of the guys worry the angle will be too tight, and create a longer effective length of the swing arm. The look is nice though, Good luck on the rebuild.

  • Thanks for your comment!! I hope don't kill myself, hahaha .well you know what they say, you can't keep everybody happy !!nobody likes Trump but hey he's our president now .I actually use the same angle of the original shocks I spent 4 years in college studying mechanical engineer so I think I have a slightly idea of angles lol,

  • That's cool. Just didn't want you to get your jewels nuked.

  • Im actually a member of the forum too,, really helpful.

    Whats your member name?

  • That angle is probably fine , the real issue would be the strength of the shock in relation to the leverage from the swing arm. Having had a pair of those shocks I can state plainly that they are rubbish , and you really should investigate some better ones , custom made for your specific geometry. But its a cool concept - I like it .

  • Exuse my comment. Thats a really lousy welding on the swingarmbottom

  • I'm a moderator there. Ramprat06

  • Yep. The concept will work with stiff shocks that have appropriate spring rates, rebound, dampening, and travel.

    With these it will not work.

    The leverage is greatly increased multiplying force (several times) on the shocks.

  • If you studied mech eng, ive got to wonder what they teach kids in school these days.

  • Life is good thnx to people like you Derek Jacobs