Photos from Scott Ahlers's post

Check out the Velocity Stack I ordered from TJ BRUTAL CUSTOMS... I usually like to make everything myself because I'm cheap and I like to waste time but this was a must have purchase!!!

Tommy did an amazing job on this piece and offers it for a bunch off different bikes (single and dual carb) and in a variety of finishes as well as brass. He is a one man show but still answeres your questions and will make custom stuff for your application.

I also got my fork seals and steering/neck bearings from him. They are made by All Balls Racing and are far superior in construction as compared to stock. Next order will be wheel bearings, another Velocity Stack for a project bike I am building for someone and his VHS Tape that "Teaches your Grandmother how to suck Eggs!) Also available in BETA format for those of you who missed the boat back in the 80's!

I spent countless hours wet sanding and polishing my fork tubes, carburetor and triple trees since I had everything apart... Still not done but I'm putting it back together or this thing will never see the light of day!!! I ran out of buffing wheels, 2500 grit and my Dremil finally quit (it actually caught fire and I didn't notice right away due to all the cigarette smoke)