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Hit 1000 miles last night, Had my MSX since last September with just fair weather riding in the evenings and weekends and just passed my theory and hazard test the other week there, Now to get a little more practice on the road then do bike test soon.

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  • 1000miles since September! you need to get out more mate :P

  • I know, But enjoyed every mile for my first bike and weather is getting better so I will put on the miles now. Enough chat I am away out to burn some miles.

  • Yer I have a full licence and a big bike but still love little bikes! You have some cracking roads up where you are enjoy!

  • Don't worry, I've only had mine since the end of October and have only just clocked 600 - a mix of commuting in the car in bad weather, and the fact my commute is only a few miles :) But like you, I love every mile and that's what counts ;)