Photos from Sebastian Trebaczkiewicz's post

It was so clean this morning but after another great Sunday ride, with a group of riders from Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists ( WVAM )​ through beautiful Surrey and Hampshire, it is not so clean anymore.

A lot of fun for the bike and me :)

  • Not that dirty though, not ridden my Biffer since November, the GS is better with all the mud and muck on 'Ampshir's roads, mainly down to the bloody agricultural contractors. Somerset Council and Police cracked down on them and they clean up as they go down there, sections 131 and 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (depositing substances on the road).

  • That's why I'm not out this winter just not worth it

  • Why not? Riding it was worth every minute! Despite some wet and muddy roads we were attacking every bend (where it was safe to do so) :)

    A little bit of mud and dirt won't hurt it.

    I look after it very well. It is also an act of preservation. A little bit of mud forms great barrier and stops other road grime from setting on a bike.

    Wash it off once a week, wax, polish, a touch of ACF, 16k on the clock and it still looks like new (after wash) :)

    I cannot imagine a day without biking, that would be a sad day :D

  • Roads are wet n dirty not worth the bother , don't enjoy the ice or windy weather

  • I understand.

    I was trying to tease a bit. I commute everyday so I am used to those conditions. If, however, it would be only a matter pleasure/social ride then I would think twice too.

  • Was on motorway today in car and a fellow biker was on a CBX 1100 blackbird and it was heavy rain , felt for the poor fellow

  • I concur, it is not fun to do it in heavy rain. Luckily it was dry down here today.

  • I hope to get out in March