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So does anyone have bars like this? I bought some that fit perfect but were way to wide for my liking. And I know my 03 spirit 750 takes 12mm mounting bolts but these bars are the only ones I found that's takes 12mm. The rest are 13 and 14mm so my question is if anyone has these where did you get them. I want like 6-8 in rise and 30-31 in wide. Thanks

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  • I have them on my 03 750 and love em. They were on the bike when I bought it.

  • Yes I already mounted the others and they were perfect other than to wide

  • Mira Pako Talavera mi ideal

  • I'm gonna be selling mine are 7 inch raisers and 32wide

  • Nate how much

  • Anthony Navejas nice bike!! Show us more pics

  • Thanks. Ill have to take some better ones in its current form

  • $100 shipped in usa