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I fell over after hitting this SUNKEN MANHOLE COVER!

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  • Yeah, claim the shit out of that, there's some seriously bad sunken manhole covers about. They just re-layer the road constantly and ignore them, if there was a car up your arse it could have been alot worse...

  • Metal covers mid corner is always fun. Or even the wee metal tabs on the road at traffic lights. Wild slippy even on good tyres

  • Key to go over man holes is lean back on your bike. I guess folks that ride dirt bikes know this technique. It's not fun getting squirrelly after a pot hole.

  • Heal quick and hope you get sorted

  • I hit a car at 25mph and have less bike damage you must have gone down hard

  • Did it go a bit like this Shah?

  • 3" under level on 12" wheels, not 21" wheels off a Motocrosser.

    Jacob Gearing I have a feeling the fork would have bottomed out from the drop then been coil-locked already when it hit the other side. I don't think it will "go squirrely" but more likely dead stop the wheel and throw him off.

  • Exactly Aaron Mortimer and with the front forks bottoming out. The bike sounded like it's had smashed when the forks gave in. If I do get this money then I'm getting my full license and getting a bigger bike and keep the MSX for fun.

  • I should be able to sort you out with some adjustable cnc shorty levers. One has a little scuffed, but I can blend it out. Won't be home until weekend though, so can't promise to get them to you before this time next week.

  • That sucks, are those the trusty vee rubbers I can see?