Photos from Shane Clarke's post

My leavers arrived from China this morning Quality is fantastic for the price

  • Look good bud. Can't beat China for little things like this.

  • Got the same ones mine turned up yesterday look good quality but my bikes yellow so need to do some colour changing

  • Link please ?

  • Hi Shane Clarke where do you buyed leavers? How much costs with shipment?

  • On eBay £15.88 bargain

  • 321478381394 eBay

  • Ah i think i saw that..ordered carbon vinyls as well from him

  • some people say child labour is wrong. I say making them unemployed is even crueller! :D

  • (that's supposed to be ironic btw)

  • I paid £45 to get quick delivery and am still happy with the quality at that price.