Photos from Shawn Flanagan's post

I was at the Toronto International Motorcycle show yesterday when I saw this, What am I looking at here had to take a second look then a third.

Beautiful Honda Aero, obviously owed by a Hindu.

  • Whoever did that must be bissfully unaware that you don't put one brand's logos on another brand's bike.That looks stupid.If you want an Indian, buy an Indian,don't buy a Honda and put Indian logos on it.

  • I agree , I know I want to maintain the "Honda" look of mine. I know Harley makes some nice Saddlebags and some other chrome bits, but ...

    Some bikes I've seen look like Harley clones

  • I wouldn't do it, you might be suprised how many bikes are out there like that. Mostly older folks reliving the glory days. I wouldn't tell a WW II era veteran what he can and cannot do lol Thats just me though.

  • The bike photo I attached is the Kawasaki VN 800 Drifter by the way.

  • I'm curious as to how this is obviously owned by a Hindu.

  • I've had a number of people tell me my bike looks like an Indian; including an old-timer who owned an Indian for years! 1998 Shadow Aero 1100.

  • you are right to ask that Steve Imboden That was my own impression, as to why I gathered that it was because there was a strong hindu presence at the bike show and Toronto has a large Hindu population. I could be totally wrong on that though it could just simple mean Honda/Indian HINDIAN. No racist intention meant but if I somehow offended, I apologize.

  • I'm not offended. No worries there. I just didn't see the Hindu influence on the bike. Lol.

  • I would've arrived at the same conclusion when reading Hindian