Photos from Sian Page's post

Spot the difference

  • Nice Tail Tidy!

  • Thanks!

  • Nah I'm alright thanks..

  • Have u done that wiv original indicators still on ..

  • Yeah

  • Looks good

  • More sunshine on the bottom!

  • Thanks :)

  • That's definitely one difference!

  • Tidy

  • Wot did u attach the indicators bk on to pal...

  • Tailtidy fitted

  • It's an R&G tail tidy so it came with a bracket to mount the stock indicators back on using the same fittings

  • Yup yup!

  • Ahh ok kl ... looks good bro..

  • Thanks!

  • The bush has turned in to a fence and the Tarmac has turned to grass.