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Alright I'm doing my cvaxel and how do I take this cv apart

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  • Need a vise to beat the cv joint off the axle bar

  • Oh okay thanks man

  • Make sure to hit the racer, the part that's connected to te axle bar. If u hit the cage Ull break it and Ull need a hole new axle

  • Okay thanks I just needed to know how to Do it

  • DO NOT beat anything! There's a ring inside the cup. After it slides out you'll see the circlip on the end of the axle. (You won't need to remove this, but that's what's holding it.) Make sure not to loose the steel balls.

  • If that sode is the one that goes by the tire it wont come off

  • The ring is only on the diff side guys. If this is the tire side which it looks like it he has to hit the racer for it to slide down and pass the c clip on the end of the axle bar. I've done thousands of these axles. Marcus Richard read this lol

  • he dont know shit u have to hit inner racer not cage with a punch to knock it off that the only way to take cv cup off shaft a strong vise and a 3 lbs hammer with a punch will be needed get it off and it dont matter what side is most have a c clipin cup on both ends