• Photos from Stefan Kopke's post

    The joy of motoring pic 1 bent exhaust valves ,2 slight marks on piston but could be worse 3 the offender (cct)

    • when will they learn, Manual CCT'S

    • Always a risk with the auto cct's. manual are available. Rob de hoo, in this group sells kreiger's. a proven alternative. No risk. They have to be worth it in the long run. I think he can supply other parts too ( gaskets, valves, etc)

    • Is there any warning beforehand or do they just go 'bang'?

    • It gave a metallic clatter about ten times and that was it .

    • So 'Yes' but pretty much no time to do anything about it. Just bought my storm in June. Prev owner did CCTs at 57000Km. Got it at 59000Km, have now done 61000Km. How long between replacements? All these CCT fails lately has me worried.

    • Ha ha I got the same story from the previous owner guaranteed me they had been done my advice take them out and replace them that's the only guarantee .if u can't trust a fellow stormer who can you trust

    • Cheers Stefan, I guess it's the only way to be sure. Manual CCTs? I saw in this group, earlier, that someone with manual CCTs still had a problem.

    • Only one place for auto cct's, the dustbin! Manuals are the answer

    • @Andrew: if manual cct's are fitted correctly you will not have any problems. Together with Mark around 600 VTR's worldwide are running with our manual cct's without complaints !

    • Ah Yes been there a couple o hundred quid and a set o Kriegers later and all good