Photos from Stephen Stewart's post

Not msx related but hope it's ok

Fzs1000 52 plate for sale

Under 20k

Mot till March 2017

Lovely condition for age

Age related marks to be expected and a small mark near headlight when it fell off stand.

£1850 ovno

North Yorkshire

  • Tempting... Does look smart

  • Do it

  • Straight swap for the msx.. Mines worth 2K any day

  • Dont think he'd want you to transport it though

  • Hahaha I transported a mates new bike yesterday... Was fine with ratchet straps

  • If yours is worth 2k then fuck me mines for sale at 3k

  • I'll get 2K all day long for mine... I'll just lose about 3K If it goes for that

  • Thats why I'm keeping mine won't get much for it! Only done 5k miles in over a year haha!

  • Haha fucking hell. Think I done 5K within the first 4 months lol

  • Sure I will hit the 6k after tomorrow if I go

  • Go! Missed you n Scott at the Brighton meet last year think was Brightona.. And since then we been sayin were ride lol

  • Yeah was Brighton!! Got few things to do so hopefully get them sorted service and clean bike then will let you know :)

  • Looking for cash only really no part ex.

  • You got my number ain't ya? Text me later if ya coming

  • Lost all contacts drop me a text?

  • Cash ain't a problem.. Just need to decide if cash goes on a new bike or a house deposit

  • Just texted you

  • Got it :)

  • Yeah it's crap having to make adult decisions. I let the wife make them

  • lovely bikes.

  • I had 1 of them

  • Sold