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netboard to the group. Found you guys and gals a few weeks back and was accepted to the group yesterday. Have had my Rebel a few years now. First street moto I've owned. My son raced motocross on bikes and quads, so I've done some riding and wrenchen before. One pic is first time I saw it. 2003 with only 1100 miles. Guy only wanted $1200 so I jumped on it REAL QUICK. Not a scratch and looked brand new. Other pic is recently in my driveway. Can't tell ya how much fun I am havin on it! Anxious to share pics, ideas and mechanical insight .

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  • Thanks!

  • Nice looking bike. I have a 2009 Blue. Love my Rebel.

  • Linda ;)

  • Looks just like my 2002 minus the back rest. Mine matches the first pic.

  • Damn good bikes! I'm on my third.. Lol. I buy em, chop em, bob em, and flip em.

  • Thats a very pretty bike...SHARP..

  • its a beauty rebel!! send to Argentina? lol

  • Sharp bike I own the same one.. I am the third owner all women not a dent, scratch, never dropped and garage kept

  • I just recently sold mine. 05 rebel 14k miles on it, i crashed it, so minor scratches, paid 1,500 for it, sold it for 2,000. now i have a 2014 R6 :D

  • A minha Rebel ;)