Photos from Steve Johnson's post


Few bits for sale off a 1982 XL250 RC.Not needed for the bike I'm building.If you are interested in anything PM me.Thanks.UK post only

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  • That square box with Honda written on it that goes below the headlamp cowl ?

  • It sure do Andy loom box holder

  • Paul A John did you need cowl

  • Exactly what Matthew Phillips said

  • Could do with square box. Front mudgaurd. The parts off the rear swing arm too. Drop me a price bud

  • How much please

  • Front fender and headlight, do you have a rear fender?

  • Front mud guard may be sold I have a rear one but its got damage

  • What are you after?

  • Can I see pictures of the rear?

  • Just seen you are in the US Kyle I m only posting to UK.Sorry

  • Any idea if the 250 bits fit the 125rc? They look similar but not too sure myself

    If so I'd be interested in the rear mudguard depending on the damage to it

  • I've no idea if it will fit a 125 but heres a pic to show you its condition