Photos from Steven Haycock's post

New part fitted n is looking kl

I wounder how long it will stay shinny haha

  • Clean the fucking thing lol

  • Drive it into the sea that will clean it

  • Haha im a busy man

    But yeah i will get rnd 2 it mayb this weekend but dw will b vlean 4 the ace run lol

  • Hahah good! You have a month lol

  • Must just b enough time haha

  • Yeah Steven clean it haha!!! And does look a tad cool

  • Clean you bike . Giving us Monster riders a bad name lol

  • Dw dude it will get done lol

  • Oh n u uk or state side?

  • State

  • Fair enough u say u found other lads wit this decal set where r they from?