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Matthew cherry

You're leaving me no option then to post this !

I have spoken to jack and have explained everything and he has said to post this on here .

Basically I brought a carbon fiber rear mudguard for the grom from matthew cherry

Around 3-4 weeks ago well during delivery it must have got broken as it arrived snapped I have uploaded pics of proof he told me he will have to speak to royal mail which is understandable so I said I'm willing to wait well after a few weeks he had not heard back he then said if he does not hear back within the next few days he will sort this out so me being me believed he would do the right thing well a few days passed and I heard nothing from him tried messaging every 2 days but clearly he does not want to know .

I've been very patient never got abusive or rude I've been calm and have said I'm willing to wait for it to be sorted as accidents happen but no response from him even after numerous messages to him .

I've now ran out of options I paid via Paypal ( gift ) which yes I know was stupid but he seemed like a genuine guy and I see the pics in the add so assumed everything would go smoothly .

I didn't want to make this post but as said he is not responding at all .

Doesn't even have the decentcy to message back .

So from my own experience I would never buy from him again as I think a key part of selling should be the communication which he lacks

Here's a couple of pics

As the pics show this is how he sent it out wrapped in a bit of news paper then thin amount of bubble wrap which in my opinion is poor packaging especially for a carbon mudguard should have been boxed .

  • Contact paypal even with friends and family they can help

  • OK cool will do

  • This is nothing to do with Royal Mail he has packed it awfully

  • Where's abouts are you? Could see if my work can repair carbon fiber, i know we do custom GRP bitts and even whole body's

  • Norwich

  • A quite far then I'm in Southampton lol, will talk to our body guys though and see whether they can do anything, maybe be able to sort something out

  • Don't pass the blame, this is the one you said you sat on?

  • That's a very bad experience brah... :(

  • Could fucking look at that and it would break

  • May as well have just wrapped a feckin bow round it...what a donut

  • Cheeky bastard! Never even placed a box around it.

  • Shit man, this that one that was up for £100 the other day? Nearly bought that myself. Diabolical packaging there!

  • Different one

  • Yes! I pack my stuff correctly!!