Photos from Sue Nolan's post

2014 Rebel with my version of saddle "baskets"

  • It gets the job done. That's all that matter. Your setup would have made it fun to work in the orchards growing up. Looks great.

  • Thank you!

  • I road all around town today testing them out for wind resistance and fly up. No problems, seems the turn signals keep them from blowing off backward and securing them to the seat with straps will keep them from shifting up and down.

  • Stephanie Troyer looks like something you would come up with

  • My kind of girl! lol

  • Just was thinking about a side car< I would do this! I love the seat too!

  • That is the stock seat. Bags just throw over the passenger seat. Very easy to do.

  • I like it! I would do it too!