Photos from Tam Nelson's post

Exhaust is still peeing everywhere been like that since I got it now its doing it a lot more

  • It's not been out for a while due to back problems but he's started up everyday

  • thats probably why its doing it.. during winter when i had the stock exhaust i would crank mine every few days.. it would do this often.. once weather warmed up and i could ride it so it would warm up good.. it didnt do it as often..

  • Hoping to replace the exhaust when I get some money

  • Do you keep it outside, in the rain ?

  • No he sleeps in the shed with my dads bike

  • Its above the clamp, so there is a hole in some place ...

  • I'll have a proper look see if I can spot one

  • I reckon its just condensation Tamara Nelson run the bike for a while it should disappear

  • on the inside there is a vent.. it happens to everyone with stock exhaust from time to time.. :) when you get an aftermarket stainless one you wont see it cause it will build up inside and then get burned when you ride..

  • Yep exactly where mine was leaking ! It's the way the Grom takes a piss lmao

  • Haha