• Photos from Tami Glover's post

    SCREWED this morning!!!!

    Update: Not screwed anymore! Yay! Rod Glover went out and took out the screw, which did not puncture the tire - really minimal damage, it wasn't very long, and entered at an angle. Put some Ride On in the tire just in case, and everything is A-Ok.

    • That's a fine start to the weekend!

    • I'm on spokes so no plugs. I've got no problem when I'm on 4 wheels but plugging with 2 wheels makes me real nervous!

    • Theresa Reimer, I don't blame you....but, we will see once he gets the screw out, my husband is pretty safety conscious, so if he has even a shred of doubt about the integrity of plugging it, we'll order a new tire for sure.

    • When I do use a plug, it is a rubber mushroom. I have done a few. Always depends on where the hole is located, tread depth, etc. It helps to have the correct tools and some experience. Safety is always first! Will get a good look at it this evening.

    • You can take to a tire shop and get a patch from the inside a lot safer than a plug

    • Just tighten it up and ride!

    • LOL Bruce Stewart! I guess that's another option!

    • I did that with a car tire from Arizona to Arkansas..lol

    • Use Ride On tire sealant I have ridden 10000 miles since I got a screw in my tire and haven't lost a pound of pressure

    • :/ that's too bad, id just go out and get a new tire, better to be safe then sorry ~