Photos from Ted Thomas's post

Ok, next victim! For sale in Slidell, LA: Yet another 2006 Foreman 500 in very rough condition. I will be parting this one out too. Please zoom in on the pictures and take a close look at the parts you are interested in buying this bike is in VERY rough condition. The starter on this bike is already spoken for. The engine does start right up and run no problem but smokes badly and will need a top end overhaul. Every other part of the bike, except for the winch that you see on there, is for sale. I will be keeping the winch. ABSOLUTELY NO LOWBALL OFFERS GUYS!

  • Well how much would you take

  • Where are you located?

  • Whole bike? Minus starter and winch?

  • Not for sale whole.

  • Isaac Bath

  • Isaac Bath, are you interested in anything from this bike?

  • I need a motor ted

  • Just p.m.d you Anthony

  • Yes Mr Ted Thomas the whole bike

  • Not for sale whole buddy. Already have too much that is committed for sale or actually already paid for but not picked up yet.