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Hey guys I'm in the middle of trying to replace my wheel bearings because my left front tire wobbles while riding. I cannot figure out how to remove the clips need help thanks

  • I'm sorry but if you can't figure out where to start with this project then you need to take it to a dealer or mechanic. Start taking it apart, it's that simple.

  • Lots of YouTube videos also. But I decided a mechanic was better for the job than me, when I was going try to do myself.

  • Lol. You'll learn bud. Everyone has to start somewhere. It comes naturally to some people but others not so much.

  • It's easy for you to YouTube the video of changing the bearings than for us to explain everything

  • I just shared a video for you Thomas Karadeema Jr.

  • Why thanks Tony

  • Jesus dude if you can't figure out how to take a cotter pin out... you have no business doing the bearings... hope u know how to use a torque wrench or you Will be right where u are now after your first couple rides..... I'm surprised you got the wheel off lmao

  • The pin is a cotter pin bend it strait and pull it through and go to autozone and buy new ones. Don't reuse the old ones

  • I haven't ridden the thing in 4years had no time to take it apart and fix it never looked at it til now and was confused so excuse the hell out of me.

  • Sorry for snapping at some of you im having a really crappy day