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  • Come on boy's and girls. Answer my question about the stone chip !

  • What question ??

  • The one asked under the photo of my bike seat

  • Ah ok I've found it now, no Tim I'll think you'll find its your teeth fillings falling out with all those Scottish B roads.......

  • Mmmmmm I do like B roads but nearly every time I ride I seem to get this stone chip that appears

  • Do you not like B roads?

  • Have you been checked out for gall stones lately ??

  • Only have 3 left!

  • Annoying little critters, I hope they don't scratch your tank.

  • Not now I spent £42 on the honda tank protector that was missed off the 2016 highlander spec! !!

  • Ah so you fitted it yourself, that explains why it's squint then ?

  • Not me. Dealer fitted it.

  • Perhaps the stones are coming up the gap on the right hand side of the tank protector ............?

  • Jealousy always dose this to me, sorry Tim Greenwood she's a beauty .

  • Tim Greenwood they don't bother me, I've got false teeth so no fillings butty.