Photos from Tim Hollis's post

I have removed all my stock graphics off my 2015 black grom (just need to remove rear wheel rim tape), and have decided on these black carbon fiber wraps for my Grom. I like em. Then I'll decide on what color I want my accent pieces to be on the bike...either red, blue, or green anodized bolts and pieces scattered around. I also ordered new black adjustable shorty levers, and axle sliders, install them when they arrive, along with some new protaper raptor bend bars.

  • thats epic mate what was it like to wrap did it take ages?

  • No no I just decided on these, haven't ordered them yet just wanted to show those pics so people could see what the carbon fiber wraps look like.

  • I found them on

  • I think they do look clean though. A little dull, but clean. I will be adding some color here and there though

  • I'm obsessed with this bike, it's just so much fun. I rode my DRZ this morning for a bit, and it just feels so much more serious which takes away that goofy carelessness you have riding the Grom

  • yeah i prefer grom to the others

  • All carbon looks great