Photos from Titch Newport's post

Such a difference buzzing to get the new one looks a lot better and it's comfier

  • It won't be staying hahah get a aftermarket one

  • Worlds most solid seat

  • How much you pay bro

  • 2900 I think

  • Not to bad then Saving for mine man

  • The groms may be going up in price February because they're all having ABS fitted :/

  • Yeah I know

  • You're probably better off that way mate- or may be worth looking in Honda dealerships and seeing if they have an ex-demo groms ☺️ in the photo of Titches new grom the red one to the left is a ex demo :)

  • Yeah so much cheaper man deffo gonna take that route

  • Yeah ex-demo bikes are used but you know they've been looked after well ☺️ Titch would have gone for the demo had he not preceded the white :3

  • Yeah and they have like not a lot of miles on the ex demos man

  • Nope think our ex demo has like 400 miles or less where I work and it's up for £2,600 I believe :) only ever really got used for test rides :)

  • Bargains that's my plan cheers for the advise bro

  • No worries

  • Mines the last one they had they've sold out where I live

  • Got my seat bulked up and re-covered!

  • I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new one, they are really growing on my now tbh

  • Pick it up on Saturday