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    I want a set of these swing arm extenders but there is no where in the uk I can get them from , there the shortest extension I've seen and that's why I only want these ones, anyone know how I can get a set?

    • Try composimo that might be able to help think they do adjustable. One

    • You can directly buy from japan using zenmarket.jp

    • Can I get these in uk though ?

    • What about postage ?

    • Will the seller post them to uk

    • They have a calculator on their website. For 800g i paid about 13-15€ postage to germany

    • That's why I said try composimo buddy Japanese import is expensive and your be a target for customs charges

    • Highly doubt you can get these in the uk. Just buy them from Japan or America

    • Motobot-racing.com

      Benjamin Chantariang

    • I think composimo is 4"-6" adjustable