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    Take it easy out there everyone. I just got t-boned by a car at a roundabout. If anyone in Adelaide has a spare set of handlebars, a crash bar, or a rear postie pannier rack I would like to hear from you.

    • Glad you are ok to post. Was the caged on their mobile?

    • No she wasn't on her phone. Just a dumb mistake is all. I felt bad for my bike and then for the driver. Then I felt really bad for my bike. My undies all strewn across the road....my food smashed... But the bike started first kick and I managed to ride her home.

    • Of course it stated first kick mate, it's a Postie!

    • Paul Carpenter Shane Carpenter John Vaughton have any parts?

    • Thanks for all the kind comments! I now have a new cash bar and new handlebars. Thanks Corey! Chasing a pannier rack!

    • Glad your ok mate. Since Todd has a replacement. I'm after a crash bar too :)

    • The fact you've been able to post this up Todd hopefully means you are ok!

    • Yeah mate I'm all good. Very lucky actually. My riding jacket is off getting repaired so I wasn't wearing it or gloves. Yeah I know stupid. I always wear all the gear. Not today though. Bruised and swollen knees scratched hands and a bit of a story to tell!

    • I've got some bars mate. I'm in Para hills

    • All good thanks Ashton!