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Easy come, easy go. I find myself having to sell her. :( Cincinnati area if you or someone you know is interested. 1998 Honda Shadow Aero 1100. 10,601 original miles. All is stock except passenger back rest, passenger floorboards and windshield. Only 1 owner before I bought her a couple months ago. Carbs cleaned in October, new battery in October and she has been in storage on a tender since then with the occasional ride when I could. $3,500 :(

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  • I'm not going to 'Like' this post Tony. Sorry to hear you are selling it so soon. I know how excited you were.

  • I'll have another one by next season, damnit. *sigh* Money is just needed for something pretty important at the moment.

  • Nice deal

  • Nice I wish

  • Oh no, what a pretty machine...and an 1100 too :-( If I was closer I'd snap it up, it's just what I want. Keep the dream alive, you will get another ride someday...

  • i hear ya mike,would love to have it

  • mike your 750 ever make a screeching sound when u give it some gas?

  • it does it even while im sitting still

  • yeah its weird,lol

  • *bump* Still selling, guys.