Photos from Trace Woolery's post

Having a tough time deciding if I shout run this tire or go back to the dual purpose style... Anyone have pics of theirs with the dirt tires? Or their opinion?

  • What will be the main purpose of the bike? If it will spend a lot of time on the road go dual purpose. If it will spend most time off road go with those :-)

  • Strictly off-road, and lots of it hopefully, just wasn't sure if it would look goofy, it has like new front dual purpose tire

  • Dunno if thats any good to ya. Thats an rf model with mx back tyre fitted. Might give u an idea

  • Mainly off road run the motorcross tyres

    Depends what your terrain is like where you ride ..

    If it's slatey and rocky I've seen lots of dual purpose ( Pirelli mt43) style tyres with a road legal motorcross tyre up front

  • Proper knobblies! It will look awesome too :-D

  • Lot of mud/dirt, gravel.

  • Dual sport tires