Photos from Tracy Mckie Peart's post

I firmly believe there is no such thing as coincidence,it all happens for a reason: A little VTR story.When I couldn't ring the neck any more from my lovely little Honda CBF-A (08 plate) I sold it and it went to an Export Dealers in Malta..ONLY AFTER I spied my beautiful yellow VTR from a cpl of Brothers over in Cockermouth (eh!) Those who know Cumbria folk speak will get that bit!! lol.. I bought my beautiful yellow VTR on August BH weekend 2009. I rode her for 3 years and, for all intents and purposes, was gonna buy a Blade when I moved to Wales..So, with reluctance, I sold her,all the extras left on her and she was a lovely shining example of a 97 plate! she was sold to a local guy (even though both bikes via ebay) and shipped to France! blimey, another bike abroad..

Anyway, after waiting and biding my time and had time on my side I set about looking at Blades.. all set I told myself..I'd sold my lovely Yellow bike with all carbon bits on her, Carbon Co cans, gel seat the lot! THEN I spied MY NOW beautiful bike not a mark on her, immaculate and went WOW, shat me pants when it started up at the noise from the cans lol..and went "SOLD" having that! On Aug BH weekend last year, bought her, newer model, bigger tank, digi clocks, race hoses, loads of extras incl twin 12v sockets, mega loud Blue flame Evo Titanium original bad boys EXACTLY the same day of the year (what are the chances?) as my first VTR and both my ex bikes shipped abroad! Strange but true.. meant to be.. I'll keep her for now lol...Who says no such thing as fate! ...megafeckinghappychick.. :-) Just felt like sharing...sowwwyyy if you're bored lol

  • and speak of the devil 'benny' lol..My stickers are ready for posting as I paid up front before they said "don't pay yet" lol..yayyyy..will post a pic on my bike when it lands..

  • Tracy do you have any more pics to show us? like from the side.. I'd like to see how it look side-on. I like the white bits, very different, makes it look racey. Wouldn't mind giving it a go on mine..

  • it was a custom paint job done before I bought it Budd Hunsdale but i'll try to get a look for some or at least the best ones i have to date if any good.. will pm them over to you ..saves boring these guys to death with my photos lol..

  • I think the white panels were done for the 50th anniversary jobbie ..i think, best guess anyway.. I have some close ups I sent to the guy who did my hubbys paint job to match mine but his panels are silver n not white (couldn't have him copy mine completely! ) lol..

  • I'd like to see more pics, that is a great looking Storm.

  • Thanks Tracy. Yea John I'm sure everyone would love to see them pics too

  • Which one John Gregory? lol..they are both great but I don't have the yellow one any more,but I had to keep a load of photos lol.. i'm not that far from the VTR Op Storm gig in Wales and will be at least going along on the day for the rides as I only live around 50 miles away from the place.

  • They are actually both pretty sweet looking, and I do like the yellow as that is the color of mine, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of the red one either.

  • check out my photos on my wall albums john, there a lot on there somewhere lol

  • Great looking VTR Tracy, I share your passion :))