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I've almost decided on this speaker set up I'll have right at 200 in it it's suppose to be really loud but is there anything louder in the $200-250 range

  • Just a little info the pyle is 800 watts but you will only ever get maybe 450ish because of the distortion. The JL is 600watt but has a much much lower THD so you will get roughly 540watt of clean clear wattage. Makes a huge difference in sound quality an how loud you can actually turn it up with out crackling if you know what I mean.

  • So basically stick with kicker or jl audio marine series amp and speakers

  • Yes you will be very pleased an never feel like you should have done something different. May I ask what type of tunes do you listen to?

  • All music really anything anyone has or that I like the sound of

  • Ok gotcha just curious was going to suggest 6 1/2 components.

  • But country music seems to resonate better from 6x9's

  • Where can I get those. I kinda like the tower style speakers I fried my last ones in a canal over the weekend and I'm going riding again this week so Ide kinda like to hear my music. Most of what I listen to is colt ford and lacs kinda music

  • Kicker is Walmart now. Rockford marine speakers in tower tubes is what I would do.

  • Don't over look infinity 6.5's either hard to beat for $60